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Pumpkin Masters Visit our Pumpkin Masters store With over 50 quality products to choose from, you're sure to find your perfect recipe for Halloween fun. We have a full selection of pumpkin carving tools and pattern books, as well as pumpkin decorating kits for all ages and skill levels.

Masterpiece pattern Books NEW * 2005...! FALL Season Decorating Pumpkin Carving Patterns and Stencils:
Exclusively from Yankee Halloween and Masterpiece Pumpkins.
Over Ninety Three (93) Exclusive Pumpkin Carving Patterns and Stencils in Nine (9) exciting and challenging unbound sets. New 2005 Crazy Comics, All Seasons and Halloween Nightmares, Vintage 2004 Fall Thanksgiving, Hollywood Ghosts-Encore, Scary Sights, and Vintage 2003 Autumn Scenes, Hollywood Ghosts and Halloween Classics Pumpkin Carving Patterns and Stencil sets. This year's sets depict the very essence of the Fall Harvest.

Van Helsing VHS Video NEW Van Helsing VHS Video
"VAN HELSING" One of the most visually thrilling movies ever made...!

Halloween Charades Party Game Halloween Charades Party Game is a unique version of the classic Charades game for today's hottest Halloween parties. All ages can play and have fun with Halloween Charades. Great for costume parties, Haunted Houses and classroom events.

Halloween Dominoes Halloween Dominoes are extra thick, durable, and come with all the spookiest symbols of the season here. Haunted houses, witches, black cats, and jack-o-lanterns. Halloween party game fun for the whole family and ghoulish guests ...!!!

Halloween Bingo Halloween Bingo Party Game is very easy to play, and includes six (6) bingo cards, bingo chips, and a bingo spinner. Very colorful Halloween packaging. Hours of fun for 2 to 6 people.

Wilton Haunted Gingerbread Castle Wilton Haunted Gingerbread Castle
Everyone will have a terrific time building and decorating the creepiest gingerbread castle in town...! Perfect for Halloween Party centerpieces, school displays and fun family projects. It's easy and fun...!

Handmade Halloween: Ideas for a Happy, Haunted Celebration NEW * Handmade Halloween: Ideas for a Happy, Haunted Celebration
The Halloween season of ghosts, hobgoblins, and carved pumpkins is on its way...! So... what will you do this year to make this favorite holiday season more fun than ever...? Open the pages to Handmade Halloween: Ideas for a Happy, Haunted Celebration and you'll find the answer. Handmade Halloween has more than forty (40 projects) and many ideas for a happy, haunted celebration plus many tasty and delicious recipes for your festive Halloween party and Fall entertaining.

Pumpkin Chic: Decorating with Pumpkins and Gourds NEW * 2004...! Pumpkin Chic: Decorating with Pumpkins and Gourds
Pumpkins aren't just for Halloween jack-o-lanterns anymore...! Open the very unique pages to Pumpkin Chic: Decorating with Pumpkins and Gourds and you'll find be amazed at what you see...! If chic isn't what comes to mind when you think of pumpkins, trust me, it will be when you see these projects in Pumpkin Chic: Decorating with Pumpkins, Gourds and Squashes too...! One project which YOU MUST TRY is the Faux Pineapple Finials. Pineapples for Halloween...??? Go for it...!!!

Qwigglegel Realistic Body Parts Gelatin Molds Qwigglegel Realistic "BODY PARTS" Gelatin Molds: Everything you need to Mold and Create the Perfect Body Parts...! The Qwigglegel Body Part Molds are fun, easy-to-use plastic molds that allows you to use JELL-O® or dessert gelatin to create edible and realistic BODY PARTS... for Halloween, school science projects, biology class or anytime you need "delicious" body parts ...!

WILL MOSES SPOOKY HALLOWEEN PUZZLE for your Halloween Party NEW * 2004 * WILL MOSES "SPOOKY HALLOWEEN" PUZZLE for your Halloween Party or Gift
WILL MOSES "SPOOKY HALLOWEEN" PUZZLE for your Halloween Party. 18 in X 24 in with 550 fully interlocking pieces Great for adults and kids age 10 and up. Mt. Nebo Gallery. Made in U.S.A..

Old Yankee Halloween Country Gift Store NEW...! Old Yankee Halloween Country Gift Store:
Stevens Linens towels, pot holders and totes, Halloween Party puzzles, Halloween cookie cutters and quality larger-than-life cookie cutters, designed by folkart painter Ann Clark.

PEZ Glow in the Dark Halloween Candy Dispensers PEZ "Glow in the Dark" Halloween Candy Dispensers Vintage Collection:
Frightening and fun Halloween PEZ® candy dispensers in an assortment of Halloween characters: Pumpkin, Skull, Witch, Happy Ghost, Scary Ghost and Slimy Ghoul...! Great for Halloween Party and Wedding Favors. Order Early... Limited Supply...!

The Big Book of Halloween SCARECROWS: Making Harvest Figures and Other Yard Folks
Scarecrows add charm and focus to any yard or garden, can be placed almost anywhere that creativity allows, and can be the fashion statement of the neighborhood. Scarecrows: Making Harvest Figures and Other Yard Folks is 112 pages of vibrant, colorful photographs and over-the-top imaginative projects. Add it to your library of autumn designs and decorating ideas.

The BIG BIG Halloween Library Collection: If you love everything about Halloween, the pumpkin madness, the party planning, costumes and associated festivities, then this fabulous Halloween/Autumn Decorating Collection is for you. The collection includes 4 beautiful books that supply colorful, inspirational photography, tempting food plans, decorating ideas, craft projects and soooo much more...!

Old Yankee Halloween Library of the Supernatural: Take a stroll through haunted New England, discover the true story of Witchcraft in Salem Massachusetts, learn many haunted secrets of seaside villages and make use of a darling Halloween cookbook.

Planet PumpkinTM Pumpkin Stands Exciting yard-sized pumpkin decorating stand designs turn your carved Halloween Jack-O-Lanterns into sensational Halloween showpieces. Each Halloween figure takes on a unique personality, from whimsical to scary to menacing, with the addition of your carved pumpkin.

Halloween Decorating Madness Books:
Ghostly Frights for Halloween Nights, The Pumpkin Decorating Book and Gourd Crafts.
If Fall harvest time arts and crafts are a major part of your leisure time, and you are looking for some new and creative ways to enhance the autumn and Halloween holidays this year, The exciting series of Halloween Decorating Madness Books are everything you will need.

The BIG BOOK of Halloween: From indoor decorating to outdoor frightscaping, edible Halloween treats to unusual, yet easy to make costumes, The BIG BOOK of Halloween is a wealth of information encompassing every aspect of spooky decorating and party time ideas... ideas that celebrate the second most popular holiday of the year.

In The Halloween Decorating Book there are over 51 complete projects detailed from start to finish with pictures in rich, vibrant color and step by step instructions. Perfect for the artist, seamstress, woodworker and carver as well as projects for the whole family to enjoy together.

Halloween Charades Party Game is a unique version of the classic Charades game for today's hottest Halloween parties. All ages can play and have fun with Halloween Charades. Great for costume parties, Haunted Houses and classroom events.

Pumpkin Friends Gallery
We are asking our friends and customers to e-mail or send us a photograph of their favorite Jack-O-Lantern or other carving creations for our Pumpkin Friends Gallery. We hope to receive pictures from all over the world.

Campfire Tales
As darkness approaches, and the clouds cover the full harvest moon, a good campfire tale may help you to overcome the fear of the flickering shadows made by the candles inside the carved Jack-o-lanterns and the eerie sounds of a nearby hooting owl.

United States of America
We shall overcome...!!!

Show Your Patriotism With Your U.S. Flag Halloween Pumpkin
Click here for a "FREE" American Flag Pumpkin Carving Pattern.

Welcome ghouls, ghosties and goblins to the Yankee Harvest Graveside Store. Much has been in preparation for this night of nights. The corn has been tied in the field, and the aroma of apple cider mingles with the earthier scent of leaves and dampness. Large orange orbs dot the hillside. They're waiting there, to be the chosen one, the one who's pale inner glow will light the way to your eerie abode, whose features only you can carve. Are you ready ...??? Are you ...??? Come along ... but watch your step. That's a new grave over there. Don't want to step on anyone's toes, you know. That would be a perfectly ghastly thing to do.

Brush away the cobwebs and see what is lined up on the shelves. Everything you will need to decorate yourself, the house, and your favorite pumpkin. Things to make you silly, things to make you safe, things to spook up the spookiest of nights. Ooooo ...!!!

Did you feel that icy hand brush up against your arm ...??? Her name is Miva and she is the Graveside Store's senior sales person. Like any good salesperson she is not seen or heard. So look over there, through the mist and deep into the shadows ... you might see a gauzy white shape floating, waiting. Just ask and she will help you choose the perfect Halloween treat from our Graveside Store. And when you task is complete, and you go to bed and turn out the light ... don't worry. That sound you hear is only the wind ...!!!
Happy haunting ... I mean ... hunting ...!!!

... The Staff of Yankee Harvest ...

Our modern Halloween traditions have roots that reach back centuries, when the Old World was highly religious and even more superstitious. The word Halloween is a break off of the somber observance of All Hallows Eve, or the evening prior to All Saints Day. Somehow the ties with pre-christian harvest festivals and the dreaded superstitions of that long ago time, blended into what we now know as Halloween... a much anticipated time of fun and trickery with overtones of a much ghostlier nature.

Perhaps the most literal connection we have to Halloween is Washington Irvings', THE LEGEND OF SLEEPY HOLLOW, a story that is probably as well known as Dickens', A Christmas Carol. Irvings' "Legend" has all the key ingredients, the isolation of the village, predominately superstitious inhabitants, misguided love and an atmosphere of gloom and fear. Although the word Halloween is never once mentioned in this story, in our minds eye, Sleepy Hollow is the perfect setting for the perfect Halloween celebration.

It is the creation of the atmosphere surrounding Halloween that has become as important as the costume and the treats. And in the spirit of creating this atmosphere Yankee Halloween has gathered together a coffin full of goodies in our Graveside Store.

For the safety of our little tricksters, we have safety flashers and light sticks. Also, Pumpkin Dunk'N to aid in the preserving of those cherished jack-o-lanterns. In the coffin find Halloween grapevine wreaths for the front door, darling little pumpkin pails that have dozens of holiday uses, and the ever popular 3-D Crashing Witch. A variety of perfectly ghastly peel and stick transfers. We have replacement batteries, Halloween candles and tea lights; we have the flickering and smoking CANDLES of DOOM. Stuff a 6 foot tall SCARECROW and have him stand guard along side the 4 foot stuffable pumpkin. Our distressed paper maché jack-o-lantern is the perfect interior accessory, reminding us of a time when things were still handmade and hand decorated.

What ever strikes your fancy, we hope that something in our Graveside Store will assist you in creating that all important Halloween atmosphere. It is, of course, what will be remembered long after the candy is eaten and the candles extinguished. Halloween is about the gathering of friends, the joint efforts of family, the observance of tradition, the meeting of neighbors and, hopefully, the embrace of all good spirits from yesterday or yesteryear. And by the way, a good scare now and then never hurt anyone...! BOOoooo...!!!

Yankee Halloween accepts Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover, Diner's Club, Carte Blanche, JCB

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2004 Pumpkin Masters Pumpkin Carving Kit
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2004 Pumpkin Masters Pumpkin Inside A Pumpkin Pattern Book
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2004 Pumpkin Masters Kid's Fun House Carving Party Kit
Pumpkin Masters 2004 Kid's Fun House Carving Party Kit

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